Dear Optimists,

Mice are cute and fun if they’re in a cage. It’s when they start running around the kitchen that they lose their appeal. I feel bad killing them, but once they invade my territory, it doesn’t matter anymore. They’re dirty and leave poop everywhere! So my dad lent me a trap that zaps them. What did they do? They somehow set off the trap and then stole the cracker with peanut butter! And not once but TWICE! So I had to resort to the old fashioned, Tom and Jerry traps.

After reading the directions, I set two and as I set the third one it snapped on my finger!

Ouch! They hurt!




6 responses to “Mousetrap!

  1. Aww your drawings are always so cute! 🙂 and mice too

  2. I almost hit like…but…though I found it amusing, I don’t like that you got your finger. Hmmm

  3. I don’t find mice cute and fun even when they’re IN the cage… Too many bad experiences as a child with the cats bringing mice into the house, methinks. They creep me out… 😐

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