Calling All Optimists!

Calling all optimists!

We’re calling out to YOU, dear readers! It’s time to share the wealth, as they say. What do we want from you?

We’re inviting you to send us posts that you think would be perfect for Dear Optimists. Tell us a fun story, show us how optimistic you are, or even just tell us about your favorite day. We’re up for anything! Den will edit your post, Nadia will illustrate it, and of course we’ll give you the credit! We can even link the post back to your blog, if you want.

So get writing, people! Send the stories to and include a pic or at least a description so Nadia can draw you!


Den and Nadia


20 responses to “Calling All Optimists!

  1. Oh my gosh this post has made me really excited!! Can it be about anything? Does it have to be a certain amount of words? Ive got about 5 ideas already… ooo pick me pick me !!! hehe 🙂

  2. Great! Is there a deadline??

  3. Oooo! Intriguing!

    (And because I am easily distracted, I have just noticed your Flag Counter over there… Only 50 Australians?! What is this?!)


  4. wow that’s a great idea! 🙂

  5. What a lovely idea! If I can organise myself properly I will be in touch – but don’t hold your breath!!! 🙂

  6. I really want to join, but too bad, my grammar might not be really good

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  9. Okay I want to send one, It’s been sitting in my drafts. Is it too late to send it?

  10. … y’know what I say? It’s never too late! I sent it. Ciao! I love you guys and your blog ;D

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