Super Squirrel

Dear Optimists,

I know I know, you aren’t used to two posts in one day, but I shared a little happening from last night with Nadia and we felt we just HAD to share.

I was watching the Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball playoff game against the St. Louis Cardinals, and I have to say I’m not much of a baseball fan. Hockey is my thing. And when you’ve been watching hockey your whole life, baseball is a bit slow. So I was shocked last night when, after a pitch, I got a little entertainment from this furry little fellow:

Okay, not that one. That’s Nadia’s interpretation of the little guy. But a squirrel ran across the field. Sure, that doesn’t sound all that funny, but I laughed pretty hard. The replays were what really got me, though. I hurt myself laughing when they started showing the replays. They had many different shots of the critter, and even a few in slow motion! I laughed until my eyes watered. The best was that every cameraman decided to ignore play on the field and follow the squirrel instead 🙂

Here you go, watch it and enjoy:


Den and Nadia


8 responses to “Super Squirrel

  1. This is possible one of those things that is only funny if you are there at the time… And im at work so i cant view the video (but ill be looking when i get home)
    However… i am actually giggling at how you read your smiles through this writing! LOVE IT!

    B x

  2. Haha! I watched it thousand times. It’s really funny.

    the attention was on the squirrel!

    the slow-mo was really great too!

    “squirrel on action!”
    it seemed that the little guy was just playing on the field too. A happy hour for him.

  3. I love that a grown man jumped on his chair when the squirrel approached. Thanks for sharing!


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