Hug the World

Dear Optimists,

Sometimes people just need a hug. After a long, trying day of work, even the best of us can lose our optimism. Do you think Nadia and I just walk around smiling all the time? And there’s nothing like a good, caring hug from someone you know cares. You know what I’m talking about!

So get out there and start hugging people! Just stay away from the homeless, they don’t love being hugged. And sometimes they can be stinky.




11 responses to “Hug the World

  1. awwwww* i do want to see pictoral proof ofyou hugging homeless people, though!

  2. If anyone needs a hg its the homeless 😦

    • You’ve got a point…but here in Philly the homeless are pretty nutty. Okay maybe I should say hug SOME of the homeless. The ones who aren’t talking to themselves.

  3. Haha, in my email it says Sticky Homeless. That kind of confused me. XD

  4. Nanna hugs are the best. πŸ˜‰

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