How to use a nerf gun

Dear Optimists,

Remember that I told you that once (okay, my last one…) I got a nerf gun for my birthday?

What is a grown woman (yes, I’m pretty grown-up, even though it may not appear so) going to do with a nerf gun, I hear you whispering under your breath. Oh my, I reply, loud and clear. The possibilities are endless!

Okay, I admit, it can’t cook for me. Unfortunately. However, pointing it at my bf, declaring nerf war if he doesn’t cook, will indeed get me dinner.

The other night I found out another great use for the gun. The bedroom was more or less alive with a constant buzzing. Five mosquitos had found their way in – FIVE! Yes, I counted them.

What else to do than to guard myself with my nerf gun?

So, what do you use your nerf gun for?



10 responses to “How to use a nerf gun

  1. If the darts were strong enough, I would totally use them to turn on light switches. Or maybe even as a grappling hook!

  2. Oh dear – I didn’t know what a nerf gun was until this post… thanks!
    And thanks also for the drawing… I’ve got to draw a dream involving four people on a double bed and I was struggling to think of the appropriate angle – yours is perfect! Thanks!

  3. Ummmmmm. I’d use my nerf gun for hitting my peers in class when they speak too often and it hinders my participation!! Lol

  4. You use them for drive-by nerfings. 😉

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