Respect the elders

Dear Optimists,

Whereas kids make Den smile, elderly people tend to have that effect on me. Some old people seem to carry a grudge and they launch all of their resentful anger towards the young of today – yet this still puts a smirk on my face.

Why?, you may ask. Well, think about it. Once they were “young and rebellious”, probably surrounded by old people looking down at them saying “The youth of today. What has the World come to?”, or more likely “The Devil will get you back for this!” while shaking their wrinkly fists at the smoking Elvis-lookalikes.

But some old people still have some anarchistic behaviour left in them. For instance the old woman I met the other day while waiting for the train to come (not to Hogwarts though!):
She’s gonna be the hippest woman when wearing her new Chuck Taylors in the nursing home!

Respect the elders, they are effing cool!



19 responses to “Respect the elders

  1. Elderly people start conversations with me all the time, too. I’m flattered really that they find me interesting enough to talk to.

    • That’s pretty cute 🙂 I always wind up attracting the weird ones, not just the elderly nut jobs. Always makes me smile and wonder “I’m gonna be that old woman that chats up the young, fine men”.

  2. Oh yes! My Mom is 86+ and while her health is failing and her brain is slowing, she is great fun, just the way she used to be except in slo-mo!

    She has seen a lot in those years–6 wars?!, president assassinated, humankind walking on the moon! That breadth of experience can only be gained with the passage of time.

    Respect your elders! We’ve earned it! (Mostly…)

    • Lots of respect for her still going strong! Even when it’s in slow motion with a few bumps on the way! She must have a ton of interesting stories to tell 🙂

      Say hello to her from across the pond!

      • She does have interesting stories! Sometimes she’ll drop a zinger like: “Did I mention your OTHER uncle? Then, she clams up and grins a little and pretends to be off in space.

        She’ll get a charge out of your greeting! (My Mom is one of my very-owniest blog subscribers and one of my biggest fans, which feels fabulous!)

      • She sounds absolutely magnificient. And a blogsubscriber at 86, that’s just mind-blowing! I bet she’d look awesome in Chuck Taylors!

      • She could carry off those shoes, believe me. Maybe not now… sigh…

  3. Old people are the best. They always have the most interesting stories and have seen the world change so much in their lifetimes…all we young punks have to do is take the time to listen to them.

    Also, old woman + Chuck Taylor’s = awesome.

    • We really need to. Before my great grandparents died I recorded an interview I did with them that told all of their stories. Some I’ve written down. They were the most amazing people in the world. God, I miss them.

      I need to high-five that old lady. If she can let go of her walker. She rocks.

      • I’m all a-twitter this a.m. with your post! Here’s an oral history project in the US that sounds warm and fuzzy.

        It’s going to be in our town soon, but Mom isn’t up for leaving the house anymore. As she says: “I’m in for the duration.”

        I hope that lady gets orange shoes!

      • Oh gosh, I wish I could be there and soak it all in. It’s an amazing initiative. It would be awesome if your Mum decides to go anyway… Fingers crossed!

        And Twitter – my God. I’m a newbie to Twitter. You can find me if you’d like: nlavard. I promise you more drawings. I swear 😉

  4. hahahahaa I was actually using the “twitter” expression in the “archaic” way–all wiggly with excitement. I may be at my capacity for electronic communication!

    But, still, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE more drawings here! You guys make me smile every time I visit and when that email notification comes in!

    • Hahaha! That’s hilarious! I’m totally new to Twitter, so whenever people say anything bird-related I’m ‘add me, please!’ (not even sure if it’s ‘add’…)(the tecnique doesn’t work, btw).

      We won’t stop posting drawings! And if the posts allows it, more drawings will be included 🙂

  5. PS. I just realized that my face muscles are frozen into a smile! What a great way to start my day over here on the other side of the world! (Good afternoon to you, I think.)

  6. angelasoelzerragosa

    I am in awe of the positivity here and the artwork is brilliant! Love it!

  7. You know what’s awesome?

    An old couple holding hands. 🙂

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