Sunday Relaxation

Dear Optimists,

I love relaxing after a perfect weekend full of fun and excitement. Do you ever have one of those weekends where it’s Sunday night, you’re relaxing with tea and a good book, or a beer and the game, or whatever your Sunday evening preference, and you just think to yourself “What a damn good weekend”?

I love those.




13 responses to “Sunday Relaxation

  1. sadly, never :(… oh wait, unless it’s a public monday the next day, because then I have monday to chillax.

  2. I love those Sunday nights when there’s an awesome movie on TV that you’ve seen a thousand times before and will gladly watch again 🙂

  3. Yesterday my new roommates, their boyfriends, and I all returned home after a girls dinner out and boys movie night out and watched modern family together. It was one of those moments… the laughter kept coming…

  4. I had a friend come visit me this weekend, and it was great! But, when she left on Sunday, I took my Mom out for lunch and then I went home, sat on the veranda, and read my book.

    All I could think of was what an awesome weekend it was and how glad I was to just sit on my veranda and just read. 🙂

  5. Yes, it happens every now and then, except that my weekend is on Fridays..

  6. Hi Den, I hope, one day, I will have a relax Sunday 😀 Sunday is the busiest day for me, I have to buy groceries, clean up the house and will go to the church with my family in the evening 😀
    But still I enjoy it 😀 Togetherness make me enjoy my day 🙂


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