Dear Optimists,

It was 20 years and eight days ago that he jumped on the train to Hogwarts. I still remember where I was when reading the first book in the series. Even the second one, since I “swallowed” both books in one go on the beach in L’ametlla de Mar*, Spain.

On the train to my Hogwarts, my University (where we are not taught how to do potions, for some reason or another), I spotted this fancy-looking middle-aged man wearing a Tommy Hilfiger shirt and sitting with his briefcase locked in his arms. He was very focused on the book, he had in his right hand.

He was reading fast with eager I can only recognise from myself. I smiled to myself when he suddenly looked up and our eyes met. He shyly closed the book and showed me the cover while smiling – he was reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

I have regained faith in humanity.


*L’ametlla de Mar is a small village in Spain and means ‘the beach’ in Spanish.


Author: Nadia

BA-student in Philosophy & Science / Communications studies and also a photographer. Co-writer and illustrator for Dear Optimists.

13 thoughts on “Harry”

      1. Yeah I can remember where.. It was at the mosque where I used to attend like summer activities, a friend of mine lent me the book and when I started reading, I couldn’t help but drown in.. I even remember that I took it home with me, and since that day, I became a Harry Potter addict! 🙂 😉

      2. Aww, that’s cute! Sort of the same thing that happened to me. I just brought them with me, thought they’d be silly and I’d hate myself for bringing only those two with me. I ended up regreting not bringing more!

  1. Aww, I love Harry Potter! But I think everyone does, I bonded with so many people over it. I had my ten year ‘anniversary’ last December. I got the first book as a Secret Santa gift from a classmate – best present ever! 😀

  2. I discovered Harry Potter through my cousin brothers. They had first three books. So, they insisted that I should read them. And I took the first one and since then fell in love with HP.

    1. That’s one big confession! I must confess something too. I still need to read half of the series, I’m waiting until I get the whole series myself. So there. You are definitely not alone 🙂

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