Eavesdropping 101

Dear Optimists,

Eavesdropping is a bad, bad thing. You really shouldn’t do it, because it’s absolutely none of your business.

But think of all the interesting conversations you’re missing out on? I could never let that happen to me, because one of the things that always make me smile is eavesdropping on other people’s conversations in the bus, behind me during lectures, at parties, whenever.

Sure, you pick up on things you might not want to hear, but the trick is to listen to people you don’t know and that don’t know you. Sometimes you strike gold:


Author: Nadia

BA-student in Philosophy & Science / Communications studies and also a photographer. Co-writer and illustrator for Dear Optimists.

9 thoughts on “Eavesdropping 101”

      1. Ha! That’s funny! I should’ve known, but I never realised *blushes*
        You made the eavesdropping make sense – A+ in Eavesdropping 101!

  1. haha! it’s true. Eavesdropping is fun when you don’t know the person and vice versa.

    You find how silly people could be… how come you didn’t think of that idea…
    how silly you are…

    a week ago, I was eavesdropping to some workers who were talking about flat screen TV and stuff… and I thought – I am very lucky to have plenty of those 5 years earlier.

    You will never know how lucky you could be…

  2. I assume they were talking about taking out (a.k.a. undoing) their ponytails in there hair.

    Or about horses, which would be way more interesting.


    1. It’s incredible how you readers all have great answers!
      Perhaps I should think about what people are saying… Perhaps it’s more fun to have my mind wander off.

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