Dear Optimists,

I mentioned the other day one of the greatest advantages of moving away from home. But there’s something I have to admit.

No matter how much I enjoy eating cake in the morning (and around the clock), it’s always nice to come home and be pampered.

That morning I knew I had to get up early to go to The Blue Lagoon. As any other kid (you’re always a kid when you’re home, right?) I depended on my Mum to get me up in time to pack my things and get ready.

I got up 15 minutes before we had to go. Because this happened:



6 responses to “Pampering

  1. you can change the country, but mothers are ALL the same, no matter what, no matter where…

    and your *yawn* is the best! hahahaha!

    L-O-V-E your drawings…

  2. I confess, when I get overwhelmed by the 3 little monkeys, I drive across town and hang out with my mom for a while. They’re just so… so… Mom-ish. Even being a mom doesn’t change the fact that Mom is still the most comforting, safe person you know!

    • There are definitely something about mums. They are also the only ones that are allowed to treat you like a child – when wanted, obviously.

      Three children – I bow in respect.

  3. Aww…aren’t Moms the BEST?! Such a cute post! 🙂

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