My dear Ninja

Dear Optimists,

I’ve got my very own ninja at home. He goes by Ninja, very simple. His job is to make the most important things of mine disappear, typically things I need when I’m running late and have to catch the bus. But he always makes sure that they reappear whenever I get back home.

But at least I end up finding money all over the place.



16 responses to “My dear Ninja

  1. That ninja is omnipresent. He’s crouching all over my place, too! I find my money in the back pockets of wet jeans I’ve just taken out of the washing machine. My ninja doesn’t believe in capitalism.

  2. My ninja takes all of my hairpins and clothes hangers.

    I understand that he may need to take the hairpins to maintain his updo, but why does he need clothes hangers if all he wears is black pajamas?

    I don’t get it…

    • I always wonder where my hairpins wind up, but you just clarified that for me. Now I can’t help but picture a ninja with tons of pins in his hair. He looks silly.

      He needs to wash his PJs and therefore he has more than one, obviously. If he didn’t we’d smell him when he comes around to grap our stuff, and he would lose his job!

  3. So THAT’S what happens to my stuff when I’m in a hurry! Thanks for clearing that up. I wish my ninja would tidy the house when I’m out…

    • Perhaps if we write small notes saying “I wish my home was full of even more junk” and stick them onto our credit cards, keys, money – and then he’ll clean it up, since he want the opposite.

      What I’m trying to say is:
      Challenge Accepted!

  4. My Ninja lives down the couch and NEVER puts things back

    • That’s one rude Ninja! You should have a word with his boss. He doesn’t seem to work properly – he needs to be fixed.

  5. My ninja hid my phone inside one of my comforters today and I spent several minutes trying to find it. Stealthy, stealthy ninja!

  6. Haha.. my ninja always takes my keys and student ID before I leave.

  7. My ninja moves the things I left on the stairs, or in the computer room to my bedroom where I don’t find them until they aren’t needed anymore. My Ninja’s name is dad… a neat freak.

    • Hehe, I very much liked that little twist to your story! We have another Ninja here at home too – at least my bf think so. She’s called Nadia. Unfortunately, Nadia and Ninja don’t work together very well.

  8. My Ninja moves all my carefully organised crap into an orderly pile during the night. How I am supposed to find my things now?

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