I wish, I wish!

Dear Optimists,

11:11 is always the right time to make a wish. In Denmark we also have 22:22*, plus we’ve squeeshed in the 00:00 also. That’s a lot of wishing in one day.

Thing is, that I’ve been wishing and wishing for years for a couple of dinosaurs, plenty of unicorns, a puppy, a castle in England, an iPhone 4, the latest MacBook, and world peace, of course. All things that I’ve been waiting for for a long time.

But I’m optimistic. I’m gonna get all of this one day. Soon, right 11:11?

And by the way, I don’t accept coupons.


*10:22 pm.

Author: Nadia

BA-student in Philosophy & Science / Communications studies and also a photographer. Co-writer and illustrator for Dear Optimists.

17 thoughts on “I wish, I wish!”

  1. I laughed really loud with this post! We also have 22:22 here in Brazil, but never thought to use that hour to make wishes… maybe that’s why I still haven’t found my prince charming!

    love this blog!

  2. LOL! I guess it’s all depends upon how patient and optimistic you are..
    I believe that the more you wait, the more you get.. Or as we say in Egypt, “Patience is the key to joy”! πŸ˜€

    1. Patience is definitely the key to joy, but sometimes you need to take matter into own hands and make things happen. I just don’t know how to make a unicorn happen…

      1. Hahaha! Yeah you’re right..
        Waiting isn’t enough on it’s own, of course, sometimes we need to “take matter into own hands and make things happen”, however, some-other-times, we don’t immediately get what we want, so we wait…
        And as for the unicorn thing, sometimes dreaming is all what you’ve got.. πŸ™‚

  3. My three-year-old daughter desperately wants a purple, sparkly unicorn for her birthday. Maybe I should fill her in on the wonders of 11:11; then the faeries can be in charge of getting one for her. And it would totally be worth switching to the 24-hour clock just to get in a few more wishings per day.

    1. You should! We need more people in this 11:11 movement to make our wishes happen. Please do enlighten her about the wonders of fairytales.

      Not that this is a fairytale – it’s real life.

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