Den Might Be a Little Egocentric (But Not Egoistic)

Dear Optimists,

Sometimes the world is a funny place. We’re so egocentric that it’s almost cute. And the Internet has made the world so small that I forget some really obvious, simple things.

Me (When I just woke up): Good morning, Nadia!

Nadia: It’s not morning here, Den.

Do you have any idea how often this happens to me? I wonder if everyone does that. I talk to so many people from all over the world thanks to Internet and blogging that I forget. Just because it’s 9 AM here doesn’t make it 9 AM everywhere.

And let’s not even get into discussing the weather.



Author: den

More often than not, people wonder what I'm up to. I'm a people watcher, and love to tell a stranger's story, as I see it. If you see me reading or writing in a coffee shop, there's a good chance I'm making up a story about you at that moment. I'm a visual person who loves finding inspiration in my surroundings, and believe that sometimes the smallest detail can tell the majority of the story, if you have the sense to recognize it.

7 thoughts on “Den Might Be a Little Egocentric (But Not Egoistic)”

  1. I’m really hoping that we try our darnedest, for sanity, to remain somewhat centered in our own time zone. I used to get jet lag crossing one time zone flying between Alaska and Washington State and it wasn’t just that the cabin was pressurized wa-a-a-a-y above my usual sea level!
    Good morning, good afternoon, and sleep tight!!

  2. That’s the kinda crap that freaked me out and messed with my head when my friend went to England.

    “I am exhausted, I’m going to bed. Good night.”

    “Umm… I’m having breakfast, but sure. Nighty night.”

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