Back to School?!? NO!

Dear Optimists,

I feel bad for kids these days and I’m glad I’m not one. I very easily remember how lovely summers were, no school, do whatever I want, and I also vividly remember the horror I felt when I saw back to school commercials starting around mid August. But in a time when Christmas  ads start after Halloween, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when I see back to school ads mid-July. But it’s still sad for the little buggers.

So kids, ignore the ads, and maybe you should try to avoid television next summer starting around June, just to be safe.



6 responses to “Back to School?!? NO!

  1. Even though I am a devout Commentazzi, can I just keep ‘Like’ buttoning and commenting on your blog without you thinking I’m too attached so soon?

  2. I don’t know where I’ve been hiding that I just discovered your blog. Funny stuff!

  3. Your blog is hilarious, i should have seen it sooner.

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